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About Us

XeroData is a software and data consulting company that envelops agent-based models of supply chains.

Our solution is computer simulation, well-known for its effectiveness in handling difficult problems.

Typical supply chain management software uses complex equations based on network flow and dynamic optimization. This can make it difficult to integrate realistic details of how companies interact with one another. We focus on simplifying that process through the use of comprehensive computer simulations.


With XeroData, you don’t need to trust a black-box algorithm.

Our goal is to make it easier to send things where they’re needed across Canada and the world, and also allow companies to plan for factors that typically get overlooked in equation-based approaches.

With our agent based model, you set the rules for each interaction based on your own knowledge and understanding of its process. As your model builds up from interactions, you can confidently create and simulate networks or even entire economies. Plan top-down, from the bottom up.

Our Solution Is Simulation

We plan for a multitude of possibilities with little to no
previous data in safe environments through logistical simulation.

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