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Improve Planning To Curb Or Navigate Around Disruption

Contingency Planning

Disruptions in your supply chain can happen at any time. XeroData empowers you to simulate both regular and irregular events in your supply chain, giving you greater confidence in making strategic decisions when managing real world disruptions.

Test New Supply Chain Protocols Risk-Free

Optimization Via Simulation

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your supply chain using simulations to achieve higher performance protocols, all in a risk-free environment.

Forecast Future Trends By Looking To The Past

Historical Analysis

Analyzing historical data can help you simulate alternate outcomes and strategize more concise protocols based on existing data.

Monitor News That Could Affect Your Supply Chain

Real-Time Updates

Receive real-time news on disruptions that could affect your supply chain, even from several degrees of separation and gain important insights about your supply chain in a comprehensive dashboard.

Our Solution Is Simulation

We plan for a multitude of possibilities with little to no
previous data in safe environments through logistical simulation.

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Your Supply Chain Logistics.

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